All the tools you need to manage all aspects of your business - everything from managing appointments and staff, and taking payments - to growing your customer base and retaining those customers over time.

    Easy To Use - Access Anywhere

  • Point and Click to make changes to your website, process orders, book appointments, and more.
  • Easy even if you have limited or no knowledge of computers... We Know The Web, So You Don't Have To!
  • Access your GlamOZ account and editing tools from any computer, 24/7.
  • Automatic backups to the cloud ensures your info will never be lost.
  • Make changes on one device and that change will sync on all other devices instantly.

Select Your Design:

  • Find the look you want from our huge library of Salon, Spa, and Beauty Industry Designs.
  • Upload your logo and add text to your pages with easy point and click tools.
  • Activate your free matching mobile website, and get going with email marketing messages.
  • Choose your pages, add your service menu, product brands, promotions and so much more...

Use Stock Photos or Your Photos

  • Select images from thousands of GlamOZ Pro Stock photos or upload your own.
  • Find images for Hair, Nails, Models, Massage, Tanning, MedSpa, Skincare, Makeup, Men, Gift Packages, Specials, & more...
  • Select from hundreds of slideshow images or use your own photos for a custom slideshow.
  • GlamOZ just completed another on-location photoshoot - there are hundreds of new stock photos available!
  • View More Stock Photos

Personalize Your Design

  • Get the unique look you want with our NEW personalized background & fonts option*.
  • Choose your colors, background pattern, texture, or photo, and incorporate your logo and branding.
  • Select your text style and color from a huge library of specialized fonts now available with GlamOZ.
  • Work with our designers to imitate a site you love or create something totally new.

Complete Custom Layout Option

  • Go beyond the basic customization options with a totally unique Layout and Custom Website.
  • Work one-on-one with our experienced designers to create your perfect look.
  • Customize your design layout, highlight boxes, slideshow, the name of your pages, and much more.
  • Get more info and view examples

VIP Support

  • Every member at GlamOZ is VIP in our eyes. Get the high class support you deserve.
  • Speak directly with our highly trained staff, not a call center across the globe.
  • Get the assistance you need, when you need it.

Concierge Programs

  • Complete website setup including adding your services and information, photos, and customizing design.
  • Complete Appointment Booking System setup to maximize your success.
  • Monthly one-on-one assistance with changes and updates.
  • Expert advice on Search Optimization and how to promote your business.
Top Five Reasons Why You Need To Be Online:
  • 1. A Good Online Presence Improves Customer Confidence & Brings In New Clients
  • 2. People Search For Everything Online
  • 3. Small Businesses With An Online Presence Have Higher Revenue
  • 4. It's Easy and Cheap To Market Yourself Online
  • 5. People Expect You To Be Online & Your Competitors Are

Free Domain Name

We'll register it, we'll manage it! No more hastling with renewals or problems loosing your domain and take it with you if you go. We will release the domain to you if you decide to leave.*

High Search Rankings

GlamOZ websites get great search rankings because we take care of the technical stuff and coach you on how to do the rest. You can also signup for our inexpensive Google Adwords Campaign Management to speed up the process and get more clicks.

Access Anywhere 24/7

Our secure Cloud system is completely web-based which means you can go anywhere in the world with internet and login to view appointments, sales, or make changes to your account, even in the middle of the night!

Write to us or Call us today, we would to love to hear from you!

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